Week 3

▪ For the essay you can have one main comic book it can be graphic novels in films, you can argue other books around it.
Archive in the library of comics Charles Burns

sporting comics from Japan
bottom of the ninth animated comic about baseball won lots of awards it is a comic animation hybrid
we looked at narrow to globalisation Transmedia games/films/toys look for if it is easy to find research around the comic book you are interested in writing about. What can you find to help you analyse examples you may need to look in different places for example the college journal
you’re making your own essay question this term. John is a good place to start looking into writing an essay even if you stray from it in your writing.
One of Punch man and the idea of genre
essay think about some of the formal characteristics moment to moment images et cetera.
Dropsy Avenue
contract with God both by Will Eisner comic about New York life
Tetris oral gen of games as comic book genre story for informational infotainment blends different media Darryl Cunningham Supercrash.
saga war race adventure/romance/action/adults
Brian K Vaughan Fiona Staples she does not see her self as a comic book writer more as an illustrator.
Does she bring something different to storytelling? High-impact illustrations. Splash panels, visual analysis of the work would be good.
Red Angels showing a darker side of the city after the character loses his job. John McDonough genre is documentary. Full-length study documentary comics Nina are Ian Haig Nicola Streeton.
Mediaeval manuscripts and emblems Lawrence Grove image Tech mosaic.
(what happens when text/image are integrated with each other) he he analyses French artwork but you can use this to discuss your book.
Studio glibly – aspects of Shinto.
Adaptation/longevity in Japanese comic about the boy his robot.
It has changed to adapt the Disney Channel
children’s comics – genre. Not much research on children’s comics Ian Gordon published a book called kids comics for vendetta David Lloyd sci-fi thriller/mystery. Check back to the original comics to see what happens when you look back what has changed
what is the British tradition? Would cutting style of drawing. Attack of Titan. Post-apocalyptic.human. Nearly extinct/soldiers/dark fantasy/horror/core/blood/man eating Giants. Genre subject genre. Horror dark fantasy post-apocalyptic.
Breaking down a genre would be good for this comic why is it these genres adaptation – it is also now animated.
Think about your essay now don’t leave this until the last week
your blog post writing should be leading up to this.
Analysing narrative structure.
Example theorists/concepts/images
how to read Donald Duck imperialist ideology in the Disney comic. Concepts Marxist theory. Images Donald Duck Carl Banks 1950s
slide on Moodle Donald Duck imagery. Huey, Louis, Dewi dark going away to other places to find treasure. Accumulation of money is the main theme in the 1950s, even though they are young children

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