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What am I interested in writing about for my essay.


I am interested in writing about Hare Krishna Comics/art and illustration, the role of the Visual Image in the movement and how the Hare Krishna Movement has managed to have a good amount of materials available.

Perhaps would be good to see where there could be areas of improvement.

Are there any areas that need improving? Are there enough animations available for children? Who am I to say if things need improving or not?

It would be good to analyse in view of comparing this movement to other movements for example the Black Rights movement if there is formally such a thing and if and how the entertainment/education of people works through the medium of comics.

What do In know as FACT? I know about my previous involvement with Smash Mouth Education to create a genre of Edutainment for Black people about Black culture or for the people by the people (including all peoples).

My main interest is about enlightening people about how the principles from Vedic culture can be looked at through the modern medium of graphic narrative, how it is being done already and what can be improved.

In comparison to other cultural phenomena in the graphic Narrative world. What do I mean? What is the importance of developing interesting and beautiful graphic narratives for children, teens and adults?

What is the role of the graphic narrative in the world of uplifting consciousness?



What research do I need to do .

I need to thoroughly investigate what is out there in terms of krishna Conscious graphic narrative and do an analysis of the content.

I would like to consider making an analysis of the content and context of the work in view of the greater comic world.

I would like to make a comparative analysis of the work of other cultural/spiritual movements and put the work into a global context as well as see the universal qualities and evaluate that too.


ISKCON DESIRE TREE – Has the above site for display of the various PDF childrens books /graphic narratives for the young Hare Krishna Devotees.

There is a range of educational materials aimed at various age groups and the age specification is stated in the link to each piece.


"Are you shaved?!"
“Are you shaved?!”
Bed of Nails: Orthopaedic
Bed of Nails: Orthopaedic

I feel that the above examples of apparent Krishna Conscious cartoons are not particularly good examples although they are described as such on the internet and this is what came up when I searched on Google.

I do not feel that cartoons of this type can be considered a serious attempt at any type of education or enlightenment about the Hare Krishnas or really represent the philosophy in any sound way.

They are more fun than anything else the first one is actually really funny.

The childrens graphic narratives of Iskcon desire tree are a much better example of how imagery can be used to educate people about the philosophy of the movement.


Are the images used in the Hare Krishna Movement taken seriously outside of the movement? What value do they have outside of the movement and what can be done to improve the way image is used to attract people to the philosophy? Is this even something worthily thinking about?


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