Week 4 – Visit to the cartoon Museum



I had the opportunity to visit the Cartoon Museum in London today.

This is what I experienced .

The Cartoon Museum London

I visited The Cartoon Museum in Little Russell Street London. I went alone and I had never visited before. The Museum is through the shop at the front which is full of many Graphic Novels and Comics books and Comics paraphernalia.

The 2000AD exhibition was showing while I was there and the main exhibition showed lots of full colour artworks from Judge Dredd and 2000AD. I am not really a fan of this work but was interested to see the artwork in close detail and liked seeing the female Judge character which was the most interesting part of that exhibition for me…seeing that they are representing women of the future in such a way. At least they showed one female character in the whole exhibition! There was definitely al lack in variety of people represented in the museum and I did not see any artwork by female artists on the walls.

Above is a photo of the 2000AD Exhibition entry on the ground floor of the museum.

I did however find a graphic narrative on the shelf which was by a female illustrator and about her own personal story which interested me and I actually spent most of my visit sitting near the Graphic Novel shelf reading this one book. I actually read it from cover to cover and was encouraged to do so by the attendant of the gallery who told me that he had seen a woman do that before. He kept coming over to say ‘you see I told you…you will very likely read that whole novel from cover to cover like the other lay who did the same.” And I did! The Graphic Novel was called Lighter than my Shadow and is by Katie Green and is an autobiographic piece about how the artist suffers from Anorexia and recovers. I found this very engaging and personal and because I have also recovered from eating disorders this book touched me deeply. It made me think hard about whether or not I would like to make work that detailed my personal experiences in this way or not. That is still to be decided but I think that Katie is brave for being so open about her struggles in this way.

Above is the main museum downstairs floor. At the back is the entry to the History of British Comics section and in the front we can see an interesting art piece inside a case, that is the Alice falling down the Rabbit hole piece that they have there.

This is the entrance to The 2000AD exhibition they are currently showing.

The Alice going down the rabbit hole exhibit and entrance to the history of british comics section which is mainly about political artworks and satire for news papers and propaganda .

The shelf where I found “lighter than my shadow” by Katie Green and read in its’s entirety



Upstairs Gallery of comics originals such as Beano.


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